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D-Link router vulnerability

One of the best security practices is making sure your devices are up to date, but what happens if the manufacture won’t put out a fix? This exact thing is occurring with at least these 8 D-Link routers: DWR-116, DWR-140L, DWR-512, DWR-640L, DWR-712, DWR-912, DWR-921, and DWR-111. The routers possess […]

Facebook account breach

While Facebook says you don’t need to change your password, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also, a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication. Need help with either, just contact us.…/facebook-says-50-mil…/1455988002/

Youtube time watched

Android and iPhone will begin doing this phone wide this year, and now looks like you can drill down to youtube now.

Namecheap private registration now free

We use for web domain registration, they now offer free private registration for all new and existing accounts. I have already activated this for my clients, but it is available to any Namecheap customer who has purchased a domain. If you need any assistance with enabling this feature, please […]