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D-Link router vulnerability

One of the best security practices is making sure your devices are up to date, but what happens if the manufacture won’t put out a fix? This exact thing is occurring with at least these 8 D-Link routers: DWR-116, DWR-140L, DWR-512, DWR-640L, DWR-712, DWR-912, DWR-921, and DWR-111. The routers possess […]

Facebook account breach

While Facebook says you don’t need to change your password, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also, a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication. Need help with either, just contact us. https://www.usatoday.com/…/facebook-says-50-mil…/1455988002/

Youtube time watched

Android and iPhone will begin doing this phone wide this year, and now looks like you can drill down to youtube now. https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/27/17786448/youtube-time-spent-viewing-videos-new-feature?fbclid=IwAR1K-4DLyqyPSDGhBsjgGP87m-JHHcIi_YH7Qu8PMCKFGKu6rcCyndVXubA

Namecheap private registration now free

We use namecheap.com for web domain registration, they now offer free private registration for all new and existing accounts. I have already activated this for my clients, but it is available to any Namecheap customer who has purchased a domain. If you need any assistance with enabling this feature, please […]